Update as of 29th August 2020

MHA Government of India on Saturday issued fresh guidelines of lockdown in ‘Unlock 4’, allowing opening up of more activities in areas outside the containment zones, marking gradual opening of the country and economy amid coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak.

Click Here for the MHA Unlock Order in PDF format

The Order includes There shall be no restriction on inter-State and intra-State movement of persons. No separate permission/ approval/ e-permit will be required for such movements.

Social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious and political functions and other congregations will be permitted with a ceiling of 100 persons, with effect from September 21, 2020.

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Update as of 15th July 2020

A three-day lockdown with stricter provisions will be enforced in Goa from Friday in view of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state of Goa.

Besides, there will also be a "Janata Curfew" in the state from 8 pm to 6 am every day with effect from Wednesday till August 10.

Only people associated with essential services and those having medical emergencies will be allowed to move out during the curfew and lockdown.

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Update as of 7th July 2020

The Goa Tourism Department has issued a Public Notice about opening the Hotels which had applied for opening post Covid19 Lockdown & also the Covid Safety & Hygiene Guidelines for Tourism Industry in Goa.

Kindly Click the below to Download PDF Documents for your reference:

Download Public Notice Related to Re-Opening Hotels in Goa

Download Comprehensive Safety & Health Guidelines for Tourism Industry in Goa

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Update as of 3rd July 2020

One of the most preferred beach holiday destination, Goa has been opened for domestic tourist from Thursday (July 2, 2020) post the Covid19 Lockdown. Goa Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar gave the information and said that over 250 hotels will resume operations in the state.

Kindly check the Guidelines in the link below :

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Update as of 27th June 2020

Being based in Goa, and with direct access with our Preferred Partners in Goa, our team is constantly in touch with the hotels, activity operators and hospitality service providers in Goa. We are therefore in a better position to offer you the best options for your vacations in Goa, especially after Covid19 Lockdown, where health and hygiene is one of the most important decision making factor.

Our Preferred Partners strictly follow the guidelines provided by the health authorities and have self-precautionary measures in place to make your holiday a safe experience. All units and services offered by Best Tourism Deals India Private Limited are verified by our team for health safety check, and each unit owner assures affirmative experience to every guest.

Below are some Health & Safety Guidelines under the new norms followed by our Preferred Partners and Service Operators in Goa :


  • At our preferred hotels and resorts, reception, lobby area, banquet halls, lounge areas, sit-outs, elevators, children play areas and common areas are disinfected and sanitised at regular intervals, with special focus on frequently visited spaces.
  • The rooms and washrooms, are well maintained and disinfected thoroughly before each check in, and after every check out. The units follow a careful consideration of housekeeping guidelines for changing of linen, furniture, toiletries and other utilities in the rooms.
  • Most of the hotels and resorts have defined guidelines about additional cover-safety related housekeeping guidelines for additional assurance to their guests.

    • The staff of the hotels and resorts are checked for temperatures on daily basis, and any abnormal readings are immediately filtered for necessary quarantine and treatments.
    • Each staff follows the health guidelines issued by the health authorities, which include mandatory wearing of a mask, wearing the gloves, washing of hands, using sanitisers and about maintaining sufficient physical distancing from the guests and colleagues during and after their duty. Kitchen Staff to wear hair net and kitchen gloves at all times.
    • Regular staff trainings are conducted by the units to educate and update the staff personnel about how they could provide extra care to the guests, without compromising on the delightful guest experience.
    • Any staff who may be having Covid19 type symptoms are not allowed to join work until they are certified Covid19 negative. Only asymptomatic staff are allowed at the unit premises.
    • Inhouse Medical team ( at some hotels ) is available for any minor health related issues, other than Covid19 symptoms. Incase of emergencies or Covid19 type symptoms, the guests can call Emergency Service 108 or ask the reception to call emergency help.

      • Alcohol based sanitisers are provided for all the guests at arriving at the hotel for any purpose. Common areas would have sanitisers for the guests to use.
      • Face masks (as per guidelines published) are mandatory for every guests, and to be worn at all times when in public areas. Incase any guest does not have a mask, a brand new mask is provided to them by the hotel team upon request.
      • As per the norms announced, every guest needs to declare his / her travel history and such records are maintained by the hotel, for reference of the local governing bodies and health authorities. A Self Declaration about the information being correct may be required from the guest at the time of check in at some hotels.
      • When entering the hotel / units, it is mandatory to do a temperature check for all guests. Anyone above the normal temperature would be redirected to the nearest medical facility for a further check up. The hotels have requested the guest to kindly co-operate with the hotel personnel in this matter.
      • Guests with Covid19 type symptoms are requested to have a medical checkup immediately before arriving at the hotel. This will help avoid the transmission of the virus to the other guests and unit staff. Only asymptomatic guests are allowed at the unit premises.
      • As per the health authorities, guests above 65 years of age, children below 10 years of age, pregnant women and persons with health comorbidities are asked to stay at home and avoid travel and being in public, except for essential and medical related reasons. Hotel teams are advised to follow these regulations strictly.
      • All personal / physical communications between the staff and the guests, at the units, would be minimal and if possible contactless. The hotel staff would convey information to the guests over the phone ( landline or mobile) or the intercom in the rooms. If at all it is not possible to do it on phone, a physical distance of at least 6 feet to be maintained inbetween, during discussions.
      • Spitting in public places is prohibited.
      • Guests are advised not to visit the containment zones during their stay at the units.
      • Some activities at the hotel / resorts / activity providers, may not be operational due to restrictions. The guests are requested to kindly co-operate with the unit teams considering the Covid19 Guidelines.

        • The bookings for hotel stays and services / activities are confirmed subject to availability of the inventory / services. Confirmations would be provided in writing only for all bookings, and no verbal commitment may be considered as Confirmation for your stay / activity.
        • Each unit / service provider have amended their cancellation policies in line with the Covid19 situations, and we request the guests to kindly check updates about and changes in the terms on regular basis. Most hotels offer flexibility to postpone dates / change dates without a charge for any change in plans. Many units also offer Zero-Cancellation Fee for bookings until a specific time limit for the benefit of the guests. We request the guests to kindly discuss the cancellation terms with our travel experts at the time of making the reservation.
        • For refund policiess and other terms related to cancellations, please discuss with the travel experts / team at the time of making the reservations.

          • Gatherings are allowed with restricted number of attendees. The units follow strict guidelines about allowing number of people for any conference and event that may be organised in the hotel / resort or banquet venues.
          • Restaurants, Eateries, Coffee Shops and Food Stalls have guest count restrictions as well. We request the guests to kindly co-operate with the hotel / resort / unit restaurant terms while planning a dinning / meal.
          • Social Distancing norms are to be followed by the guests and the staff at all times. Masks are mandatory.
          • Some services in the F&B areas and Conference / Event areas may not be accessible and active. Guests are requested to kindly check with the teams about such restrictions.
          • For Detailed Travel Advisiory and Updates, kindly get in touch with our Travel Experts for Goa on 9823727999 / 9823472999

Update as of 9th June 2020

Our company is committed about your Health & Safety during your travel.

We understand and can relate how the Covid19 pandemic may have caused inconveneince and discomfort to you and your family. We also feel the stress and frustration about how you are restricted about travelling, enjoying your holidays and related activities. We feel for those who got severly affected and lost their near ones in this phase. We also, salute and support the health workers / frontline warriors for thier efforts to get things back to the New Normal.

Considering the outbreak and the changing trends in travel, we request you to kindly connect with us directly on 9823727999 / 9823472999 to understand the real time travel policies and guidelines announced by the Government of Goa / Health Ministry. While things are expected to get back to normal, policies, guidelines, terms and conditions may change for hotels and accommodation units in Goa. We are also in touch with our associates / suppliers / hoteliers / preferred partners for their updated unit booking policies, terms about handling guests, and guidelines for their employees too.

We are monitoring the circumstances and getting updates regularly about the situation at hand in Goa, and would guide you the right way about planning your holidays to Goa.

Lastly, we would want you and your family to be safe and healthy always, hence we request you to follow the basic health guidelines provided by the health authorities :

  • Always Wear a Mask.
  • Wash Your Hands Regularly.
  • Follow Physical Distancing / Social Distancing guidelines.
  • Stay Safe. Take care of your Family

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